Everyone has heard of the horrifying shooting of moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado, which left 12 people dead and dozens more
injured, and many people have debated how gun control or
mental-health care might help stop future outbreaks of violence. But while
there are many forms of random, senseless violence that we can do nothing
about, there’s one way each of us can make the world a little more peaceful
every time we sit down to eat: All we have to do is choose meat-free meals.
That’s why PETA has written to the Arapahoe County sheriff to ask him to lead the way by placing the
man charged in the Aurora shooting, James Holmes, on a totally nonviolent vegan

There’s a Reason ‘Carnivore’
Sounds Like ‘Carnage’

Although the extreme violence inflicted on them rarely makes
the news, animals on
factory farms and in slaughterhouses
endure senseless acts of
aggression and bloodshed every hour of every day, and their fear and pain are
as palpable and real as anyone else’s. Also, extreme cruelty to animals is
inextricably linked to acts of violence against human beings.

plant-based meals is a simple way for all
of us to make the world a less violent place. To initiate this positive
trend, PETA has offered to provide all inmates of the Arapahoe County jail where Holmes is
incarcerated with vegan meals for a day at no cost to the county.

What You Can Do

Had enough violence? Go vegan for life.

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Article source: PETA Files

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