Tommy Lee might be one of the “bad boys of rock,” but he’s always good to
animals. While on tour in Southern California, the upside-down drummer flipped
right side up to tell SeaWorld San Diego that
it wasn’t welcome to use his music at its “Shamu Rocks” shows. During
these shows, sound-sensitive captive orcas are forced to perform while rock
music blasts through the tank and lights flash all around them.


a letter penned on PETA’s
behalf to SeaWorld San Diego President John T. Reilly, Tommy wrote:

we like to torture the human fans who willingly come to our shows, we don’t
want to be a part of making innocent animals’ lives hellish. I’ve learned from
my friends at PETA that these marine animals are very sensitive to sound, as
they communicate by sonar, and loud noises mess with their most basic instincts
and drive them more nuts than they already are when trapped in your tanks.

noted that while all of SeaWorld’s
captive animals
should be released to sanctuaries, the least the park can do is spare orcas
from being forced to perform while loud music terrifies and confuses them. To find out more about how orcas suffer in the tanks at SeaWorld, check out David Kirby’s new book Death at SeaWorld

Collapsed dorsal fins are rarely seen in the wild, and when they do occur in the wild, it’s usually only in orcas who are injured or ill.
Olivier Bruchez|cc by 2.0

don’t have to be a rock star to be a rock star for animals. Tell Reilly to stop
tormenting orcas and cancel the “Shamu Rocks” shows.

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Article source: PETA Files

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