Eight trainers at Marineland in Niagara
Falls, Ontario, have handed in their resignations and are speaking out to the Toronto Star about the cruel and abusive conditions at the marine animal
prison, which PETA has been after for years.

Because they were made to sign nondisclosure
agreements about what goes on behind the scenes at the park, many of the
trainers asked not to be identified by name. But former trainer Phil Demers,
who quit the park after 12 years, gave a daring on-camera interview describing the abuse he witnessed:


(Video courtesy of thestar.com)

has had our sights on Marineland for some time, writing letters to Canadian
officials and asking them to take action to improve conditions at the park.

Now, Marineland owner
John Holer’s own trainers are
accusing the park of cruelty to animals, including the following:

  • Because
    of insufficient staff, a sick walrus named Zeus often lies unattended in his
    own excrement.
  • The
    park’s highly social lone orca, Kiska, has had no contact with any other orcas
    since another orca on loan for breeding was shipped back to SeaWorld, and four others have died
    prematurely at the park since 2004 alone.
  • A
    sea lion named Baker circles in mindless laps, rubbing against the side of the
    tank to scratch his itchy, irritated skin, which is missing patches of fur because
    of the bacteria- and
    chemical-laden water
    . He also lost his left
    eye lens as a result of severe irritation caused by the water.
  • Many
    of the animals keep their red, swollen eyes squeezed shut against the damaging
    effects of the filthy water.
  • Five
    dolphins had their skin fall off in chunks after they spent months swimming in
    water so green they could barely be seen in it.
  • Six
    of the park’s seven seals are blind, have impaired vision, or have other serious
    eye problems because of the unsanitary water.

When questioned about the insufficient
staff, dirty water, and untimely death of a baby beluga, Marineland owner John
Holer offered this chilling answer: “[F]or people and all living things,
there is a time to live and a time to die.”

Perhaps his cavalier attitude explains
the more than 40 whale and
dolphin deaths at Marineland
since the park’s
inception. The park, along with fellow marine animal prison SeaWorld, earned a spot on PETA’s list of deadly destinations, a register of places that
anyone who cares about animals should avoid like the plague.

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Article source: PETA Files

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