Yet another
scary incident
involving a horse occurred in Manhattan yesterday as Oreo, a horse forced to pull carriages around Central Park, panicked at the chaotic automotive traffic at Columbus
Circle and fled down Broadway, overturning the carriage, which contained the
driver and two passengers. Shocked onlookers—including Soledad O’Brien of CNN—watched as the carriage struck an object, splitting in two. Oreo was finally restrained
and tranquilized by the police.

In addition to the public danger that crashes like this pose,
as PETA has often pointed out in its campaign to help New York City’s horses,
it’s simply cruel to make horses pull heavy loads on hard pavement in all kinds
of weather, dodging loud traffic and inhaling exhaust fumes.
Celebrities—including Martina
, Pink, Kristen Johnston, and Lea Michele—have offered their support for PETA’s campaign to get these anguished animals off
the mean streets of Gotham.

What You Can Do

It’s high time for the horse-drawn carriage industry to be
put out to pasture permanently. Please join PETA in asking City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to support a bill seeking to replace the carriages with eco-friendly classic

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Article source: PETA Files

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