When PETA learned that a Florida man was trapping (and
perhaps killing) squirrels directly under a bird feeder, a PETA cruelty caseworker jumped into action. While
the trapping was legal under state law—which meant that Florida Fish and
Wildlife Conservation Commission officials couldn’t help—the squirrels suffered
for hours from the intense Florida heat and from anxiety, especially since
squirrels prefer to burrow and minimize their exposure to humans and other potential

In addition to asking Fish and Wildlife to confront the man
trapping the squirrels, the caseworker called and e-mailed the man and encouraged
one of the man’s neighbors to speak to the trapper, who ultimately agreed to
stop capturing the squirrels. The neighbor was also urged to stop feeding
squirrels, which attracted more of them to the area.

What You Can Do

There’s no need to resort to drastic measures: Learn how to live in harmony with our wild-animal neighbors. Even if you enjoy wildlife, please think
carefully before feeding them, as doing so can expose them to predators and other dangers.

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Article source: PETA Files

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