At the same time as vegan star running back Arian Foster and the
Texans are making my
hometown proud
 on the field (Bayou City, represent!), PETA has announced its 2012 list of the Top
Five Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums.

Football is played with a ball called a “pigskin”
(often erroneously), but folks who are fans of both team sports and animals will find a growing variety
of cruelty-free foods to enjoy on game day at arenas throughout the NFL. So even
if your team is stuck in the basement this year, you can still score a victory
for animals way up in the cheap seats by hitting up the concession stand for
some vegan goodies!

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Check out the Top Five Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums:

1. Lincoln
Financial Field, Philadelphia Eagles

As the Eagles battle for the top
spot in the always-tough NFC East, Philly fans can take pride in the fact that
Lincoln Financial Field tops PETA’s list of vegetarian-friendly stadiums for
the third year in a row, thanks to its awesome array of meat-free options,
which include a mock-steak sandwich, a “chicken-steak” sandwich, a seitan
brisket, and veggie burgers and dogs.

2. Gillette
Stadium, New England Patriots

Pats fans have more mouthwatering
vegetarian options than Tom Brady has offensive weapons. Gillette Stadium moved
up from number four on PETA’s list of vegetarian-friendly stadiums, thanks to its
black-bean burger, grilled portobello mushroom burger, and grilled veggie
flatbread wrap. Meanwhile, fans continue to devour the stadium’s standby
favorites—veggie dogs and veggie burgers.

3. Coliseum,
Oakland Raiders

Rookie head coach Dennis Allen may
be experiencing some growing pains in Oakland, but Raider Nation has cause for
celebration: Coliseum made PETA’s list of vegetarian-friendly stadiums for
the fifth year in a row. With a veggie dog, black-bean burger, and veggie
burrito leading the charge, fans of the Silver and Black can turn their health
around by enjoying delicious, protein-packed vegetarian meals.

4. Georgia Dome,
Atlanta Falcons

Matty Ice is playing like an MVP, but
the MVP of the Georgia Dome’s concession stands may be the mock-meat Sloppy
Jane, made with peppers, onions, molasses, and brown-sugar barbecue sauce. Also
available and fresh off the burner (no Michael Turner pun intended) are veggie
dogs and veggie burgers, possibly the best duo since Roddy White and Julio
Jones. You don’t have to pose in a PETA ad as Tony Gonzalez did to enjoy these

5. Ford Field,
Detroit Lions

The Lions may be dropping in the
standings, but Ford Field has climbed in our rankings of the best meat-free
fare. Outstanding dishes such as vegan sloppy Joes, hearty veggie burgers,
hummus with vegetables, and fruit cups with chili lime salt dominate the
concession stands here the same way that Megatron dominates on the field.

With so many healthy and animal-friendly foods available almost everywhere you go, there’s never been a better time to
go vegan than right now!

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Article source: PETA Files

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