The Black Friday shoppers who were
standing in line at midnight to score deals on video games weren’t necessarily
parents of teenage boys. Some of them might have been pig guardians.

It’s true: Pigs love a good video game. Surprised? Then try this one on for size: Pigs can answer to their names within
a week of being born. Yep. That skill takes people, what, two years to master?

Pigs are super-smart. In fact, they’re
classified as the fourth-smartest animal on the planet—ahead of cats and dogs (who haven’t the foggiest idea what a Wii is).

here are some other things that you may not know about pigs:

  • They
    enjoy listening to music.
  • They
    “Eskimo kiss” like humans by rubbing their noses together.
  • The
    intense bond between mother pigs and their babies is just as strong as that between
    human parents and their children.
  • Pigs
    are chatterboxes, and their wide range of grunts, squeaks, snarls, and snorts
    all have distinct meanings.
  • Just
    like human beings, they have widely varied personalities: Pigs can be shy or
    outgoing, serious or playful.
  • Piglets
    play like human children: chasing each other, pretend fighting, squealing, and
    playing with toys.

Pigs can also suffer from depression, as
many on factory farms
do. And they don’t want to
be slaughtered
and turned into a centerpiece. This holiday season, serve a hearty and
delicious Field Roast
and save a pig from your table.

You may just wind up with a new favorite
gaming partner.

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Article source: PETA Files

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