legend Anjelica Huston
knows what makes good TV and what doesn’t. And there’s no question which side of
the line ads that use
great apes
fall on. She is urging Steak ‘n Shake to pull its current TV spot that includes
a forced performance by a chimpanzee. Along with a copy of her video exposé about great-ape “actors,”
Anjelica sent the company a long letter, saying, in part, “These
chimpanzees are destined to endure a lifetime of abuse for your 30-second
spot—a point that no compassionate person would find funny in the least.” 

stars of Enlightened are enlightened enough to know that you don’t force animals to perform—but you
can ask a PETA staffer to! Star Mike White is such a big fan of PETA that he invited PETA Vice President Lisa Lange to make a guest appearance on this Sunday’s episode and plug the organization. And
during filming, Laura Dern
thanked Lisa for what PETA is doing for animals.

knows the right way to put animals on camera: making a film starring homeless
dogs that’s about adopting
from animal shelters
instead of buying from pet stores and breeders. And Zachary’s tweet about his film Dog
Eat Dog
was one of our paws-down favorites this week:

Anne Hathaway was a paws-down favorite at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, accepting her award
in custom-made vegan Jimmy

Aisha Tyler took to Twitter to talk about some vegan meals she has been enjoying, and PETA has
been helping by tweeting Aisha links to tasty recipes

Paul McCartney gave us plenty of them to choose from with his Meat Free Monday Cookbook. He reflected on decades of meat-free eating and animal advocacy as well as how
he is honoring Linda McCartney’s life in a poignant piece titled, “My Life as a Vegetarian –
Supporting Linda’s Legacy.”

Fauja Singh will be leaving quite the legacy as well. The world’s oldest marathon runner
has announced that he will
this year at the ripe old age of 101. What does he say gave him his longevity
and fitness? Exercise and a vegetarian diet, of course.

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Article source: PETA Files

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