Update: The European
Commission has confirmed that it will uphold the original March 2013 deadline for
the ban on the sale, within the European Union (EU), of any cosmetics or
cosmetics ingredients that have been tested on animals. This marketing ban
means that companies all around the world
that want to sell cosmetics in Europe will have to abandon animal testing for
cosmetics that they want to sell in the EU. The decision follows a vigorous campaign by PETA and its international
affiliates that included public protests, phone calls, and more than 20,000
e-mails. New Commissioner Tonio Borg met with PETA U.K. to deliver the news
personally, and the organization has sent a huge bouquet of flowers to the commission
in thanks.

Originally posted on September 22nd, 2011: 

PETA friend and
animal advocate extraordinaire Pamela Anderson has written
to European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy John Dalli urging him
to honor the original 2013 deadline for banning the sale of cosmetics in
the European Union that have been tested on animals. The European Commission is
considering delaying the deadline for years—and perhaps indefinitely.

In her letter,
Pamela states, “I love cosmetics, but there’s no reason for animals to
suffer for lip gloss and eye-liner; those cruel tests are from another era.”
She adds: “Today, there are effective and 100 percent humane non-animal
testing methods. We also already know thousands of ingredients that have a long
history of safe use. Hundreds of manufacturers have already been using them for
years! Please, don’t turn back the clock.”

Please join
Pamela in calling on the European Commission to stick to the 2013 deadline.

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Article source: PETA Files

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