Sunday, the University of Louisville’s Kevin Ware sustained one of the most gruesome
injuries in sports history
. The outpouring of support from across the country, along with the response of
his teammates, has been fantastic.

some horrifying leg injuries don’t get the same attention, such as this one sustained
by the great-granddaughter of legendary Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew and captured
on video during a recent PETA investigation:

young horse wasn’t lauded or celebrated. There was no emergency surgery or outpouring
of sympathy. She was just euthanized.

injuries like this one happen about three times every single day at racetracks across the country, including Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, home
of the upcoming Kentucky Derby. That’s because horses are forced to run at too
young an age on bones that haven’t fully developed. They are given drugs to
mask pain so that they will run with existing injuries. And they are beaten
into running at top speeds on hard, punishing track surfaces.

Louisville’s indomitable Ware and other athletes who sustain injuries, horses
used for racing don’t choose to compete. And unlike human athletes who receive
top-notch medical care and are often up and walking in a matter of days or weeks,
horses who suffer catastrophic injuries are often killed right where they fall.

tune in to the Final Four this weekend and cheer on Louisville (or Michigan,
Syracuse, or Wichita State), but please never bet on, watch, or attend a horse

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Article source: PETA Files

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