On April 24, 2013, truck driver Mark Robert Nepsa was hauling nearly 1,000 turkeys through Henry County, Virginia, when he ran off U.S. Route 220 and overturned his vehicle. Many turkeys were killed upon impact and in the hours that followed. According to news sources, Nepsa was cited for failure to maintain proper control of the vehicle. Nepsa was hauling turkeys for Circle S Ranch, Inc. (“Circle S”), which has a history of crashes such as this one.

Please join us to help turkeys. 

Nepsa has been charged with at least 12 traffic offenses in
North Carolina and South Carolina since 1986. In July 2003, Nepsa was
convicted of driving while impaired
in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and had his driver’s license revoked—for at least the second time. 

Nepsa has also been convicted of driving while his license
was revoked and speeding and has been charged with driving with no license and
felony manufacture of a controlled substance.

Trucks hauling Circle S’ turkeys have crashed at least five
other times
since September 2009. In June 2012, another driver flipped a
truck on the very same road in Henry County, Virginia. Circle S’ slow and cruel response to that crash was appalling:
Workers allegedly jumped onto live birds,
threw birds against the side of a transport truck, and struck birds’ heads
against coops. The state police and local
prosecutor launched a criminal investigation. (See the graphic photos here.) 

Turkeys need your help now to ensure that Circle
S takes immediate personnel measures to protect
all whose safety these wrecks risk and
finally adopts a humane and effective accident response plan.

Please respectfully urge Circle S to review all company and contracted drivers’ records and
fitness to haul live animals and prohibit
using any drivers who have repeated driving-related offenses
or are found
to have been at fault in any crash.

Ask Circle S to develop and
implement a detailed accident response plan
to ensure that any Circle S
turkeys involved in crashes are promptly rescued, humanely handled, kept
comfortable, and painlessly relieved of their suffering on-site. 

Please send polite comments to:

Please also make a polite call to Circle S at 704-764-7414 and share your hope that the company does the right thing for the approximately 35,000 turkeys it hauls to slaughter daily.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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