he heard about the deadly
experiments that the University of Wisconsin–Madison is performing on cats
Randall made a video against it
that is so convincing that it could make even the honey badger care

buddy Bret Lockett of the New York Jets
gave animals an awesome shout-out, too, during an interview with Integral Yoga Magazine:

I don’t
believe in torturing animals. I’ve been doing a lot of research and found out
about a lot I didn’t know, so I joined PETA’s ‘Ink, Not Mink’ ad series urging
others to show off their unique tattoos rather than wearing fur. Having played
football in New England, where winters are harsh, I knew firsthand that there
was no excuse—not even weather extremes—for wearing fur and that there are
plenty of other fashionable, warm materials to wear that weren’t made by
harming animals. I challenged my fans to watch PETA’s undercover video footage
of fur farms, just like I did. I wanted everyone to know that, for every fur
coat, collar or piece of trim, millions of foxes, minks, coyotes, rabbits and
even cats and dogs were violently killed with wire nooses. Many of these
animals are even skinned alive. The only way to combat this cruelty is by never
buying or wearing fur or fur trim.

would likely be pleased with Glamour UK’s pick for the best-dressed
: Fervently fur-free Kristen Stewart tops the magazine’s list
for the second year in a row.

Perez Hilton graced us with a
gallery of the best-undressed celebs:
30 of PETA’s hottest nude anti-fur

the same spirit, here’s our gallery of the best celebrity tweets of the week:

Pamela Anderson probably gets asked out
via Twitter and other means every day. But she’s
offering to take a certain fellow out to dinner. Who’s the lucky guy? Philippine
President Benigno Aquino
. Pam wants to talk to
the bachelor president about helping to get Mali, the 39-year-old ailing
elephant who is alone in the Manila Zoo, transferred to a sanctuary in

screen icon and animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot is making another man
an offer he shouldn’t refuse. Brigitte joined PETA UK’s campaign to get British
retailer Fortnum
Mason to stop selling vile foie gras
, with a letter to the
store’s managing director, Ewan Venters, that said, in part, “Tradition is
never an excuse for animal cruelty.” 

would probably never catch Vanessa
eating foie gras, but
you would catch her grabbing lunch at
North Hollywood’s Lotus Vegan restaurant.

else can you catch your favorite celebs? Tweeting with PETA

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Article source: PETA Files

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