, a favorite of longtime PETA supporter Alicia Silverstone, has ended sales in China until the government’s requirements for tests on
animals for cosmetics are lifted. The company had been selling its products in
China, where tests on animals are required for cosmetics, but after talks with PETA
about the cruel tests on rabbits, mice, and other animals that the Chinese
government requires, Juice decided to remove its products from the Chinese
market and stay true to its cruelty-free principles.

For this compassionate move, PETA is proud
to recognize Juice Beauty with our Courage in Commerce Award.

Juice joins a growing list of companies
that have chosen principles over profit and pulled their products out of China,
including Paul Mitchell
, Dermalogica, Pangea
, and Nature’s Gate. And other top companies, including NYXUrban Decay, and 100% Pure, have pledged not even to enter the Chinese market until the animal-testing
requirements vamoose.

They may not have to wait long. When
PETA first broke the story that some companies claiming to be cruelty-free were
secretly paying for tests on animals in China, we immediately initiated a
unique effort to put an end to these cruel cosmetics testing requirements and
save animals’ lives. PETA was the first animal rights group to join forces with
the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), the leading experts in the field, to
work on this issue, and together we’ve made tremendous progress.

Thanks in part to grants from PETA,
scientists from IIVS have set up training laboratories at four universities in
China and have been training
Chinese scientists in non-animal testing methods
. With these PETA-funded scientists’ help, the government is in the process of
approving the country’s first non-animal testing method for cosmetics and now
has a five-year plan for the acceptance of all non-animal testing methods used
in the European Union.

What You Can Do

you’re in the market to treat yourself to some new beauty products, remember
always to shop cruelty-free. You can order a free copy of PETA’s global cruelty-free shopping
to take with you every time you shop, or log on to our website for our list of companies that don’t
test on animals

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Article source: PETA Files

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