There’s never a dull moment at the PETA
offices, so Bubbles,
Brandi, and Marshall
, three of the
cats we rescued from overtaxed shelters in the wake of the BP oil spill who now reside at
the Sam Simon Center, our Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters, often volunteer to
lend a helping paw.

“We’ve almost got these ads
proofed, then it’s on to production.”

“Did you want me to put packing
peanuts in here or bubble wrap?”

“Lunchtime! Mmm, broccoli.”

“There’s an article about Ringling
in the Post. I got this.”

“The best way to unwind after a
long day is with a nice snuggle.”

For more of the PETA office cats in
action, click here.

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Article source: PETA Files

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