Blue and her guardian, Milton
Hill, have a very special bond. Eight years ago, while driving through South
Carolina during a lashing nor’easter, Milton was cut off by an 18-wheeler, and the
wave of water it splashed up caused him to lose traction and run off the road, flipping
his pick-up truck five times. All three of the vehicle’s occupants—Milton, his
best friend, and his pit bull, Blue—were ejected. Milton was knocked
unconscious, his best friend was killed, and Blue disappeared and was presumed

But then something miraculous
happened. The next day, when Milton’s family returned to the scene of the accident
to retrieve his belongings, they spotted Blue lying beside the road. She had
found some of Milton’s things, curled up on them, and was waiting patiently for
him to return.

all that he and Blue had been through together, Milton, who had been planning
to breed Blue, changed his mind about that but didn’t want to spay her, either.
He was afraid of subjecting her to any
potentially stressful procedure. 

by failing to spay Blue, Milton unintentionally exposed her to the danger that
he had tried so hard to protect her from. Earlier this month, at 9 years old,
she developed pyometra, a painful and potentially lethal uterine infection that commonly afflicts older
unspayed dogs. A veterinarian told Milton that Blue needed emergency spay
surgery, to the tune of $990. Milton, heartbroken and desperate, didn’t have
that kind of money, so he called PETA.

was rushed to our mobile
spay/neuter clinic
, where our medical staff performed the surgery at a drastically reduced fee. She
pulled through with flying colors but obviously missed her dad. He missed her,
too, if the tears of joy that he shed when they were reunited were any indication.

What You Can Do

tell everyone you know that spaying
and neutering
 not only prevents unwanted births but can also prevent potentially deadly
diseases, such as infections and cancer of the reproductive organs.

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Article source: PETA Files

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