War is brutal and animals are often the forgotten victims. In Eastern Ukraine many dogs, cats and other pets have been abandoned. Access to food and supplies is limited and military action has caused death and injury. When we heard the news, we needed to find a way to help. Several months ago we began supporting Shelter Pif in Donetsk and now we are working with two additional animal shelters in Berdyansk and Gorlovka. As the violence escalated many people were forced to evacuate these war-torn cities. The volunteers that stayed to care for the animals are genuine heroes – literally risking their lives to help suffering animals. Each day more and more animals are in need, but it’s difficult to find and safely deliver food and medicine. With the cost of goods skyrocketing, our emergency funding is essential to keep them afloat. We’ll do whatever we can to help them through this very difficult winter.


The need to help animals in Ukraine is urgent; your gift will make an immediate difference.

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Article source: IFAW

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