Watch how the tigress dashes out of her crate and lets out a big roar.

The dawn of Valentines Day heralded freedom for a tigress that was trapped in the fringe villages of Kaziranga National Park on 7th February 2015. Last weekend, she was released in the wilderness near a forest camp in the central range of the park.

After being seen in close proximity to villages and killing cattle, the tigress was caught and spent a few days under observation at the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Centre.

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She had sustained some injuries due to her trapping in the cage and was attended to by IFAW – Wildlife Trust of India vets at the rescue centre.

Before releasing the tigress, experts conducted body morphometrics and necessary treatment under sedation. Relevant pictures were submitted to the Assam Forest Department for identification. A microchip was implanted in her body and she was radio-collared by the team. 

Unfortunately, the tigress pulled out her radio collar in the transportation cage. 


Learn more about IFAW efforts to protect the world’s last remaining wild tigers.

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Article source: IFAW

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