Today, in a White House statement the United States and China made a historic commitment to protect elephants from ivory trade by enacting strong domestic trade controls – once in effect, the commitments will represent near total ivory trade bans. Despite this welcome and truly encouraging news, the elephant conservation community will have to stay engaged to ensure that governments follow through and effectively shut down ivory markets–including imports of elephant hunting trophies.

This announcement would not have come without the loud, sustained support of the people across the globe demanding better protection for elephants.

I am grateful to IFAW’s international leaders on this campaign and to our supporters and likeminded organizations all of whom contributed to this historic announcement.


Here are 5 post highlights from the ongoing IFAW global campaign to protect elephants from the commercial ivory trade:

Global movement to protect elephants felt at Times Square Ivory Crush

Chinese cultural icons plead for the lives of elephants in media blitz

Scientific Community Stands Strong for Elephants

Ivory trade on agenda for US – China Dialogue

It’s time for the U.S. to list African elephants as endangered

Urge the U.S. FWS to finalize an ivory rule with teeth now.

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Article source: IFAW

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