I am inspired every day by the dramatic rescue of individual elephants, whales, tigers, bears, dogs and cats, such as those showcased in the above video.

Thanks to millions of supporters around the world, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) provides hands-on care to orphaned and injured bears, elephants and rhinos, domestic animals suffering in the wake of disasters, and tens of thousands of dogs and cats in impoverished communities.

And our supporters stand with us during the long campaigns for changes in policy and a society that will ensure a more humane world for animals and people. Our supporters write letters to politicians, attend events, and share posts on social media.

This year it is easy to see those collective efforts making an impact with the achievement of historic milestones in the animal welfare movement including:

  • With people all over the world speaking in support of greater protection for elephants from poachers, the US and China made an historic announcement that both countries will essentially ban domestic ivory trade.

  • Public outcry over the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe led to new US Endangered Species Act rules for African lions that would ensure greater protection for the estimated 20,000 remaining lions in the wild.

  • IFAW’s online wildlife trade report led to major changes in online platform and government policies in the US, France, UK, Germany, China, Belgium, and Russia.

  • The birth of two very rare, Amur (Siberian) tiger cubs to a tiger IFAW and our partners had rescued as cub, rehabilitated and released to the wild, demonstrated that rescue of individual animals also can help save species.

  • And finally, the Paris Climate Accord that was reached earlier this month was truly a milestone victory protecting the planet for animals and people. I was honored to share the stage with Jane Goodall,  Ph.D., DBE, UN Messenger of Peace and IFAW honorary board member in Paris during the climate change conference making the point that all of us dedicated to protecting animals must act now to combat climate change.

Although I am the one that stands on stage and writes to you about these victories, I am ever mindful that I am representing all of us, the millions of people who believe that we can and we must create a world where animals are respected and protected.

Thank you for your support.


You can help us do even more for animals in 2016!

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Article source: IFAW

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