Today’s Congressional forum will feature thought leaders from the US government, the policy community, conservation groups, and intelligence experts.It has now been a year since the International Fund for Animal Welfare and partners launched tenBoma, the groundbreaking project that is revolutionizing the way law enforcement hunts down the highly networked alliance of elephant poachers in Africa.

The project’s launch was announced by Prof. Judi W. Wakhungu, PhD., Cabinet Secretary of the Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Government of Kenya.

A year later, it is appropriate that Prof. Wakhungu is here in the US to address a Congressional forum about the global security implications of wildlife crime and how tenBoma will be a massive tool in preventing the scourge of death wildlife crime leaves in its wake.

We’ve come a long way in the past year. When we launched the project, it was an idea, a concept. But intelligence operatives, NGOs, government officials and other stakeholders have come together to make it a reality. In fact, the project, now in its pilot phase with the Kenya Wildlife Service, is operational, tracking gangs and crime networks in Africa as you read this.

When the tenBoma project was presented at last June’s GEOINT symposium, representatives from the US Dept. of State were in attendance. Since we insist upon including an ever increasing set of stakeholders from all appropriate backgrounds, we will continue to tell the story in public fora that will continue to attract the expertise we need.

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With an ever-increasing body of partners, we can not only build upon best practices, but also identify gaps and further needs going forward. It is crucial that with local, regional, and international enforcement systems harnessing intelligence gained through traditional methods as well as modern technology channels, the leadership benefits from this wide range of collaborators.

Many thanks to the American Geographical Society and the United States Geospatial intelligence Foundation for co-convening this symposium and providing a forum for us to share this important solution to the poaching crisis.


Learn more about our tenBoma programme.

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