United States Secretary of State John Kerry does not mince words when he lauds International Fund for Animal Welfare Honorary Board Member Leonardo DiCaprio as a “galvanizing force to protect our planet” in Time magazine’s 2016 edition of the “100 Most Influential People.”

Kerry credits the actor, producer and UN Messenger for Peace’s “preparation, authenticity and smarts” as the reasons why one of Hollywood’s most famous and acclaimed actors has provided such charismatic leadership on the leading environmental crisis of the modern age: climate change.

Before the Flood, which premieres tomorrow at 9 ET on the National Geographic Channel, is the latest and perhaps most compelling in a long string of important environmental movies that DiCaprio has supported in some capacity, from lending narration to The 11th Hour (2007) and Carbon (2014) to executive-producing  Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret  (2014), Virunga (2014), Catching the Sun (2015), and The Ivory Game (which premieres this Friday on Netflix)

Before the Flood will be available commercial-free in over 170 countries and 45 languages. It will also appear on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play free of charge from October 30 till November 6.

“With the elections in the United States only a couple of months away, we sought to make sure that voters know this could be the last chance we have before it is too late to elect leaders who believe in science, and who have the courage and understanding to make headway on the environment a real priority,” says DiCaprio.

The documentary, which DiCaprio produced with director Fisher Stevens (Racing Extinction, Mission Blue, The Cove), features DiCaprio interviewing everyone from US President Barack Obama, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis to Kerry and former US President Bill Clinton on how climate change is affecting the planet and how we must come together to address it.

This film addresses potential solutions as well. DiCaprio spends time in the film with Tesla founder Elon Musk, who gives DiCaprio a tour of Tesla’s Gigafactory, a $5 billion facility that builds next-generation batteries aimed at expanding solar and other renewable power production, and which may play a major role in the future of sustainable energy.

IFAW is grateful for both Leonardo’s leadership in raising global awareness of climate change and the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), which isdedicated to protecting biodiversity, oceans conservation, wildlands conservation and climate change. LDF has awarded numerous high-impact project grants across more than 44 countries since its inception in 1998, including grants to IFAW.

From intensifying hurricanes to worsened droughts, climate change and animal welfare are inextricably linked. Here at IFAW, our projects tackle every threat to animal welfare—from climate change and other global conservation threats (such as habitat loss and wildlife trade) down to those that endanger smaller groups of animals and individuals (like human-wildlife conflict and natural disasters.)

Two years ago we joined the Climate Action Network (CAN), a worldwide network of more than 900 non-governmental organizations in over 100 countries. CAN’s goal is to protect the global climate “in a manner which promotes equity and social justice between peoples, sustainable development of all communities, and protection of the global environment.”

Please tune in for and spread the word about tomorrow’s premiere of Before the Flood and learn why this is an issue that matters to all people and animals.



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