Ah, ice cream. Everyone loves it. Whether it’s on a cone, in a cup, piled high on a sundae, or being guzzled Bridget Jones–style straight out of the tub, it’s hard to resist this creamy treat.

But would a group of self-confessed “foodies” notice if we swapped their familiar dairy ice cream for a vegan alternative?

We decided to find out.

Eight unsuspecting Melburnians answered an anonymous ad calling for “ice cream taste-testers”. Here’s what happened next:

It’s no secret that “vegan” is one of the hottest food trends in Australia right now. Google searches for the word “vegan” have reached an all-time high, and Aussies have the biggest appetites in the world for learning about vegan eating.

This World Vegan Day, we’re celebrating all things ice cream, because it’s never been easier to enjoy a deliciously creamy treat that doesn’t harm animals. You saw the video – those foodies were well and truly converted. Treat your own taste buds and try vegan ice cream for yourself!



About the Ice Cream: Over the Moo

There are heaps of delicious vegan ice creams available these days, but this brand is our personal favourite.

Available nationally in selected Woolworths and independent supermarkets, Over the Moo ice cream is made from rich and delicious coconut milk. Packed full of fun extras such as toffee balls, gingernut biscuits, and chocolate chips, it’s an indulgent treat that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

Cookies and ice cream though. Did we mention the chocolate drip? #OverTheMoo

A photo posted by Over The Moo Dairy-Free Aus (@overthemoo) on Sep 25, 2016 at 4:38am PDT

Video Shoot: Behind the Scenes

The awesome taste-test video was shot by vegan activist and filmmaker Alana Tompson from Black Ant Films, with help from a fully vegan film crew.

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Article source: PETA Files

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