Islands throughout the Caribbean have been devastated by Hurricane Irma. Houses are destroyed, power is out, and people have been separated from their animals. Now IFAW teams are deploying to the islands of Antigua, Barbuda, St. John and St. Thomas to help these communities and their animals.

IFAW was invited by local authorities to these islands decimated by the relentless storms thrashing the region. Emergency relief efforts are now underway to help the communities on the islands recover, and our teams were on the first flights available to help secure the animals who have been left in need. We’ll be performing an initial assessment while there, as well as bringing the necessary supplies and equipment to begin the work of reconstructing a safe environment for people and their animals.

Together our IFAW teams of Disaster Response experts have decades of experience rescuing and protecting animals in distress, and will be putting this experience to use helping these island communities and their animals. We will not just be providing relief to community animals, and helping wildlife, but providing hope and stability to these communities who have been so ravaged.

As of the publication of this blog, our teams are in transit. As soon as we touch down, I’ll be sending more information through. Please check back here for updates.



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Article source: IFAW

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