IFAW Disaster Response teams have re-deployed to the US Virgin Islands of St. John and St. Thomas, and are working to reunite lost animals with their owners who were forced to evacuate.

While we were preparing these animals for transport, our team on St. John was told of a duck who had weathered Hurricane Irma in an underground parking garage – and was still there. Lost and disoriented, this duck, who locals have been calling Irma, was being fed by friendly residents.

Luckily Mark Vogel and Ed Hart, two experienced animal rescuers were able to locate Irma. After being very friendly to an initial approach, Irma led Mark and Ed on a wild duck chase through the garage before Mark was able to wrap her in a towel.

Heidi Stout, a local veterinarian who has been instrumental in rescuing animals in the wake of these disasters, gave Irma a thorough examination. Other than being a little thin, Irma was given a clean bill of health.

Talking to locals, Mark and Ed discovered that Irma was a well-known local character. They were given a safe location for her release. Now Irma is happily preening herself on the shores of a pond, part of a larger wildlife preserve.

Our teams are back to work, continuing our assessment of animal needs island-wide and ensuring the companion animals to be reunited are healthy and ready to move.

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Article source: IFAW

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