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Responders are on the ground in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Media Contact: Kirsten Peek, [email protected]; 202.744.3875

The Humane Society of the United States is responding to the needs of animal and animal shelters in the wake of Hurricane Michael in Escambia County, Florida. The HSUS is providing logistical and financial support for transports of adoptable animals from shelters damaged by Hurricane Michael and shelters inundated with displaced animals from the storm.

A team of HSUS and Red Rover responders is assisting in these transport efforts as well as providing sheltering support for the Escambia County Animal Shelter, which is serving as a hub for transports of adoptable animals out of the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Michael.

“In transporting adoptable animals out of shelters that have suffered infrastructure damage, water and power loss due to Hurricane Michael, we are able to provide these animals safe haven and a chance to continue to seek forever homes,” said Sára Varsa, vice president of animal rescue for the Humane Society of the United States. “Our efforts increase the capacity of communities to care for animals displaced in the storm, paving the way for animals to be reunited with their families.”

As assessments continue, HSUS is responding to critical resource needs for animals, and coordinating equipment and personnel to serve those most affected by Hurricane Michael.

Your support is urgently needed: both so we can help during this emergency, and so we can be there at a moment’s notice when future emergencies such as natural disasters and animal cruelty cases occur. Please consider making a gift to support all of our preparedness, rescue, care and relief efforts through the Emergency Animal Rescue Fund today.

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Article source: HSUS

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